"I have compared his revision (RVG) with other Reina Valera versions, the Textus Receptus, and the King James Bible in my own studies and have found it to be 100% faithful to the Traditional texts. The Spanish language and integrity of the Reina Valera Bible is kept intact. Most importantly, IT IS 100% FREE OF ANY CRITICAL TEXT READINGS WHATSOEVER! Consequently, it reads closer and almost parallel (barring language differences) to the King James Bible...I not only recommend it but I intend to stand for it as I endeavor to reach hispanic souls for Christ."

Manny Rodriguez
Missionary in Puerto Rico

The Spanish Bible that reads like the beloved English King James Version
"Soon after being saved in 1983 I had the blessing of going to an Independent Baptist Fellowship meeting where I was
first made aware that there was not an accurate Spanish Bible. This fact is not a mystery to anyone. For seventeen
years I have looked and compared Spanish Bibles looking for an accurate version where I didn't have to apologize or
explain away obvious errors. For almost two years, I have had the blessing of having in my hand the Reina Valera Gomez
and can now state, without a doubt, that we have an accurate and reliable Bible in Spanish likened unto the KJV."
Missionary Joe A. Martinez
17 year vet. Missionary to Argentina 
"I have been a missionary in the country of Peru since 2002. I have with great interest studied the matter of the Spanish Bible. I firmly believe that one day I will stand before Almighty God and give an account for my decisions in the ministry as well as my personal life. As a result I have studied since arriving in Peru, the issue of the Spanish Bible. I have read every book that I could get my hands on, I have done in depth studies and comparisons of many Spanish Bibles, I have studied the History of the Spanish Bible, and firmly believe that the Reina Valera Gómez is the most accurate and very best Bible that can be used for the Spanish speaking world. The beauty and purity of the Spanish language has been maintained, as well as a strict adherence to the Textus Receptus and Masoretic texts that the King James Bible is based on. Please visit my web site to see some charts that I have put together:" http://www.rices2peru.com

Serving the King,
Shane D. Rice
"I have used other Spanish Bibles in our work before, but I am now convinced that the RVG is the Word of God for the Spanish-speaking people. It has never been easier to win souls to Christ, and saved Paraguayans are passionate about Christ and his Word."

Mike Wilps
Missionary To Paraguay, South America
"It is a privilege to be the first missionary outside of the continental US to receive and use the SRV2004 (RVG). I pray that many others will see the benefits of this Bible and begin using it in their ministry."

Don Rich
Misionero al Perú
Click here to open an eight page, 220 verse comparrison of eight different Spanish New Testaments by Rex Cobb, director of the Baptist Bible Translators Institute.
Click here to read Rex Cobbs' RVG endorsement letter.
"It has been demonstrated to our satisfaction that every mistake we have ever been shown in any of
the Spanish versions has been corrected in the RVG revision. It is our prayer that the Lord would sanction
this revision with a great revival throughout the Hispanic world."

Pastor Tim Fellure
Victory Baptist Church
P. O. Box 766
Milton, Florida 32572
"I bought a Bible with the King James English on one page and the Reina-Valera 1960 on the other page. I very quickly started finding NIV-type readings in the Spanish. I next ordered a 1909 Reina-Valera, but after checking a few proof texts, I found some of the same NIV-type readings. I eventually ordered an 1865 Reina-Valera, but there were still many readings in this Bible that I did not agree with. Then, a few months ago, I discovered the RVG. I checked verse after verse after verse, and I must say that I breathed a sigh of relief as I found what I believe to be the closest Spanish Bible to the King James." 

Robert W. Thurman 
Predicando La Verdad Ministries
Cleveland, Tennessee
"Now in recent days, there is a Reina Valera Gómez Spanish Bible. Humberto Gómez has carefully aligned the 1909 Reina Valera with the King James text. Reports coming to me indicate that the RVG is getting strong support and wide acceptance among the Spanish brethren".
Shelton Smith
Sword of the Lord Editor
"We have used the RVG in our churches and Bible Institute for more than 2 years.  We have found it to be the most accurate translation available in Spanish... I am proud to endorse the revision by Bro. Gomez."
Brother Tim Urling
Missionary to Mexico 
"I strongly recommend the "Gomez" edition, both the Spanish and the parallel King James edition.  I believe the Gomez edition is the best work we have, today, in matching the King James Bible.  I also see the hand of God upon it as it is being accepted so rapidly everywhere.  I also appreciate the good, humble spirit of Brother Humberto Gomez, the man that God is using as His instrument in doing this needed work.  If you have any question, I suggest just an honest comparison of the Bibles.  If you accept the King James Bible as God's standard to measure by, you will be pleased."

Dr. Mickey Carter
Landmark Baptist Church
Haines City, Florida

“God has raised up Dr. Humberto Gomez to provide a Received Text Bible in Spanish. Many people have worked with him. I

admire them all. Without apology, the King James Bible is one of the sources for the Reina Valera Gomez along with older

Spanish Bibles and the Hebrew Masoretic text and the Greek Textus Receptus....Around the Hispanic world, Bible believers

are begging for the Reina Valera Gomez. It is impossible to keep up with the demand,..."


Pastor Phil Stringer, Ph.D

Ravenswood Baptist Church, Chicago, IL


“The RVG Spanish Bible, without any major advertisement campaigns, is becoming more popular all the time. There is

seldom a day goes by that VBP [Victory Baptist Press] does not ship several hundred, and some days several thousand of

the glue bound, vinyl cover editions to the mission field without charge.  The RVG/KJV, genuine leather bound, English and

Spanish parallel is by far the most popular among the different editions of the RVG Bible.   The demand for these Bibles is so

great that we are considering a distribution center in one of the South, or Central America Spanish speaking countries. Please

pray with us about this matter!”


Jim Fellure

Victory Baptist Press, Milton, FL


“In 1993 after earning my master’s of education degree in linguistics at Baptist Bible Translators, and learning Spanish in 1995, I have been thoroughly immersed in language learning and the study of the Spanish Bible conflict as a missionary in Chile. And, after these many years of looking for a textually pure Spanish Bible that agrees with the Masoretic Hebrew Text, the Textus Receptus Greek Text, and our revered King James Bible, we have found it in the Reina-Valera-Gómez Bible of 2004. This Bible represents a revival of old-time convictions in bibliology that have been lost on the average Hispanic believer and pastor during the 1909 and 1960 revisions. But now we can say that the church is recapturing the spirit of Cipriano de Valera of 1602 when he said: “I implore God by his infinite mercy that He inspire in the heart of the King that he mandate at his cost the gathering of pious and knowledgeable men in the Hebrew and Greek tongues that they review this translation of the Bible; whom with a sincere and pious desire, that desire to serve God and do good to their nation, that they compare and challenge it with the Hebrew text that God dictated to his holy prophets before the coming of Christ, and with the Greek text that he himself dictated to his holy Apostles and Evangelists after the coming of Christ in the flesh.” (Exhortation to the Reader, Valera 1602 Bible) Obviously, the time of the king is long past. But, the desire of Valera has been faithfully continued in the Reina-Valera-Gómez of 2004, and it is a wonderful work. We will be using it as our Standard in our Spanish ministries.”


Donald Heinz

Missionary in Chile


“I have been a missionary to the country of Chile since 1993. When I first arrived I followed the lead of veteran

missionaries and the already established independent Baptist churches and used the RV 1960. But after 7 years of diligent

study I become convinced that the RV 1960 was not the pure Word of God in Spanish, departing from the Hebrew Masoretic

Text and the Textus Receptus in literally hundreds of places. Sadly, at that point there was nothing available in print that we

could hold up as the pure Word of God in Spanish. We were anxiously waiting and praying and seeking the Lord’s will with

regards to the Spanish text. For that past 9 years we have traveled many miles and accumulated 1000’s of pages of materials

on the subject and then the Reina Valera Gómez was introduced to me by a good friend and co-laborer in Lord. After several

years of study and diligent comparisons with the TR/KJV, I can say unequivocally that we now have in the RVG a pure

Spanish Bible! We now unashamedly preach from it and promote it in our ministry in the country of Chile and around the

world.   [www.palabraspuras.wordpress.com]  The price is worth paying, whatever that may be! Bro. Gómez, thank you and

keep up the good fight for the faith!”


Gary Castner

Missionary in Chile



"....We at Chick Publications have worked hard to change the scriptures in our Spanish tracts to use the RVG. And any future Spanish literature from Chick Publications will also quote the RVG.

In short, I fully and enthusiastically endorse the Reina Valera Gomez Bible as God’s preserved words in Spanish."


David W. Daniels

Research Consultant

Chick Publications


"Allow me to recommend the Reina-Valera-Gómez Bible.  Over the years I have noticed that the RVR 1960 often follows the so-called “critical text,”... The RVG follows the Textus Receptus (TR) in the New Testament and closely follows the Masoretic Text (MT = original Hebrew/Aramaic text) of the Old Testament....I applaud the RVG for reversing the trend to go after the modern trend of following the NU (Nestle text as well as the United Bible Societies) text and returning to the text that God has preserved since ancient times..."


Louis Tyler, Ph.D.

Professor of Biblical Languages

Río Grande Bible Institute

Edinburg, Texas


Reina Valera Gomez